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family's multimillion-pound company and had a bright future with the "whole world in front of her".Born in east China's Nanjing city, Bi Xixi moved to Oxford at the age of 15 to▓ further her education.She was studying for a mast▓er's degree in international business in Cardiff▓ when she met Matthews - who had a black belt in karate - and started showering him with gifts.But after their relationship began, Matthews allegedly began beating Bi and forcing her to miss lectures

and had

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.Bi died in hospital after a cardiac arrest, due to the severity of the attack ▓carried out by Matthews, Aug. 18, 2016.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan t

even bought a

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he QR Code to follow us on WechatLif▓e in space captured on Tiangong-IILife in space captured on Tiangong-IILife in space▓ captured on Tiangon

car for him

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g-II11-01-2016 08:01 ▓BJTBy Xinhua special correspondent Chen DongABOARD T▓IANGONG-2 -- Today is Oct. 30, my 12th da▓y on boa

Super Hero . He said the assault was the )

"tragic cu

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rd Tiangong-2. I am Xinhua space correspondent Chen Dong.I would like to tell you about our in-orbit gravity-free cardiovascular expe▓riments, or as we call the

whole process the "CDS experiment," which track changes to our bodies while we are in orbit.The CDS device featur▓es an electrocardiograph (ECG) wire that has four leads attached to our bodies. It measures thin▓gs like our heart rate and blood pressure. The d▓evice that measures our blood pressure is put onto our▓ arms just like how a ground-based docto▓r would measure a patient's blood pre▓ssure. In addition, there is a sensor used to measure respiration. It is wrapped in a black bag, and we hang it from our necks to measure ▓our chest breathing and belly breathing.Th▓ere is als

o another, fairly-curious, instrument, which I am sure many of you may not have heard of. It is called a laser Doppler device. This device measures t▓he microcirculation of our blood vessels. As far as I know, this is the first time that China has test▓ed it in space.The biggest difference between a CDS experiment in space and one on the ground is ultrasound. Under zero gra


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vity our organs are slightly displaced. As a result, organs that are usually easy to find on Earth are much more difficult to locate▓ when in space. We have to be aware of this and move the wi▓res according

of a number of mo

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ly.The data we are generating and reviewing are primarily used to monitor the difference ▓between our body indexes up here and on Earth: we are trying to find out which ones change and do not. This▓ precious data will be analyzed further by ground staff an

d will give a clearer picture of the subtle changes that occur in a gravity-free environment▓. ` I would like to share an interesting discovery: Normally, on Earth, we only have one artery in (either side of) our neck▓s. But there are two in space. Earlier in the m▓ission I misidentified the

▓nths of physical a

  • nd verbal abuse."You lied and lied ▓again in order to attempt t
  • o exculpate yourself from the overwhelming evidence which was that▓, during the e
  • arly hours of August 19 2016 you rele▓ntlessly and remorselessl
  • y inflicted physical▓ injury upon a defenceless young woman," 

Judge Davie

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blood vessel, because the vein besides our artery becomes thicker in space▓.There are many things that I had assumed before comi▓ng up here that have proven to be wrong. For example,

Super Hero s said.According to the victim)

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